• Remembrance - 'Battles Over'
    Date: Sunday 11 November 2018 at 09:30:AM
    Location: St Mary's Church & Church Green
    Contact: Carole Sweet
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    Remembrance ‘Battles Over’ we are joining with the Nation’s Tribute to commemorate the Great War. There is a booklet available with all the details of the various points in the day when we hope you will be able to come to St. Mary’s Church and join with us.  The church will be decorated with memorabilia and symbols from past wars and if you have anything which will help us to do this please bring it to church or contact Carole Sweet on Each group or club who use the church and Mews are invited to contribute to these decorations for the window spaces, font area and large table areas. After the 9.30am. Commemoration service, laying of wreaths and reading of the role of honour, we will be serving refreshments in the Mews to allow more time for contemplation and fellowship. The refreshments will take the form of sausage or bacon rolls, tea and coffee all for a reasonable price, this will help to offset the costs of taking part in this public and important event. We will also be linking together with the parish council to purchase a figure of ‘ Tommy’ the soldier which will be placed in the village for all to see and reflect upon. A team of people of all ages are needed to ring the church chimes at 11.10 and also at 7.10 to ring out that the ‘Battles Over’ if you are willing to take part in this and be in one of these teams, please let Carole know. A time table for the day will be included soon and we hope you can all take part. If anyone would like to make a contribution to the costs of this event please let us know.