• Confirmation - A Personal Reflection
    Published: Thursday 05 November 2015 09:30:AM
    Author: Martin Thompson
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    I feel particularly fortunate to have enjoyed not one but two truly memorable occasions in the space of a few months - firstly my marriage at ST MARYS then my confirmation at ST PETERS
    That I have been able to enjoy two such events is entirely down to the guidance and spiritual leadership of Canon Chris
    The confirmation classes we undertook were both challenging and fulfilling in equal measure
    The classes interpreted  the teachings of the Bible in such a way that they became relevant to the modern world  even though these teachings are 2 thousand years old
    The event itself was a wonderful  event . It was amazing to see a church bursting with people and was an inspiring sight to behold
    The candidates who were brave enough to do a reading - I was not I am afraid ! - did so faultlessly like seasoned veterans
    Bishop Keiths sermon was both moving and inspiring in equal measure
    To anyone considering a adult confirmation I would recommend it without hesitation
    Indeed as an adult I believe that I am far better able to understand my place in the scheme of things than when I was younger
    To everyone from ST PETERS that made the it possible, I offer mine , and I am sure the other candidates , heartfelt thanks for making the confirmation and baptism such an amazing experience
    Many thanks to all that attended and all that were involved