Sunday School

Little Fishes

• Our Little Fishes Club is a fun and safe learning environment for children to spend time during the Sunday service.
• The club is held next door to the Church in our small Church Hall, The Mews.
• Our club has a range of exciting activities around a planned theme for each session. Whilst the sessions are fairly informal, they are structured around a curriculum - the club currently follows a programme called Roots from Scripture Union which is aimed at 3 to 11 year olds.
• We have an employed Children’s Worker who delivers varied learning activities that are designed to cater for the various spiritual (and learning) styles ie. word, emotion, symbol and action centred.
Range of Activities:
• A typical session might include art and craft activities, games, quizzes, fun group discussions & bible memory verses, all centred on the Lectionary bible reading for that  particular Sunday.
• The children leave the main service, with the Children’s Worker (and any parents/guardians who wish to come) during the hymn following the readings, and return to church during the collection hymn, before Communion or the Blessing.
• Little Fishes is held every Sunday except the 4th Sunday of the month which is Family Service and suitable for all ages to worship together.