• Advent Gift Day 2014
    Published: Tuesday 16 December 2014 04:53:PM
    Author: Linda Dutton
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    Saturday 13th December saw St Mary’s decorated with flowers and willow figures, depicting the tableau of the Nativity. The flower group had worked hard all week, getting the church ready for this wonderful occasion, and what a fabulous scene they had created.
    As you entered the porch, we were given the opportunity to write a prayer on one of the cards provided, and to add it to the prayer tree.
    Once inside the church the warm welcome and atmosphere hit you. Candles glowed (and smelt of Christmas fragrance), all setting the scene of what was to come.
    Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus were there along with the three kings bearing there gifts and all watched over by the angel.
    Throughout the day, visitors were treated to entertainment which was provided by members of the church and the Vicar. Culminating in a rendition of David Essex’s song ‘Only a Winterers Tale’ expertly sung by the warden and the Vicar (A new pop duo in the making!).
    The Social committee served refreshments in the Mews all day, and everyone involved had a thoroughly enjoyable day.
    Canon Chris Humphries said ‘A big thank you to the social committee, the flower team, stewards, coffee makes, musicians and everyone who worked so hard to make our Advent gift day a success. Of course, the money raised was important and much needed, but the fellowship, fun and outreach to the community was of still greater significance’.
    The gift day raised a total of £1380