• Apple Pressing
    Published: Friday 16 October 2015 09:17:AM
    Author: Carole Sweet
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    The Apple Pressing was held on Saturday 10th October whilst the Flower Team were decorating the church and porch so beautifully for our harvest service. Clive Richardson brought everything needed (except the apples) in order to make the most delicious juice. This will keep for about 10 days in the fridge and can be made into other dishes or frozen for later use.
    We had a steady number of parents and children enjoying the task of crushing the apples and then transferring the pulp into the press. This involved much turning of handles and watching the juice trickle into the bucket ready to be transferred to bottles. The children of all ages enjoyed this part very much and everyone had a go. Much sampling of juice followed and when folks needed a rest they transferred to the mews where Teresa Finney was busy in the mews organising harvest crafts to amuse the children. Peter Hayward and Carole Sweet served a variety of refreshments it was a very successful event and raised £140 for our church funds.