• Confirmation - Our Journey
    Published: Saturday 07 November 2015 12:03:PM
    Author: Renata & Simon Ferenczi
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    When Simon and I began our "Confirmation Journey" back in March this year, we really had no idea of the amazing Spiritual Gravity we both would feel when Canon Chris and Bishop Keith guided us through what was a wonderful ceremony, culminating in our Confirmation.
    The weekly gatherings with fellow Church members in the Mews were really mind stretching and a fascinating exploration. We covered a diverse range of Biblical topics, helped and encouraged as always by Pauline and John also, whose knowledge and patience with us we admired greatly. We also made great friends along the way!
    On the day itself, we felt very humble sat in the front pew and ever so slightly nervous! For Simon and myself, we felt an enormous feeling of love, peace and comfort when we knelt before Bishop Keith for our blessing. He is an amazing, kind person and very approachable.
    Being able to engage fully with Communion and to take the bread and the wine completed what for us was a truly wonderful day.