• Forward, with banner high!
    Published: Monday 27 January 2014 04:44:PM
    Author: Chris Ball
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    It was with enormous pride that the members of St Mary’s Mothers’ Union witnessed the dedication of their new banner, at Morning Service on Sunday 11th August.  Designed by Carole Sweet, this brightly coloured standard symbolises the revival of the Mothers’ Union in Whitegate after a break of more than 20 years.

    The very special service was tailor-made by the Vicar, to include not only the MU prayer, but also the MU hymn and a sermon focusing on the upbringing and life of Mary Sumner, founder of the Mothers’ Union, who died on 11th August 1921.  We’d love to say that we chose the date of our service specially, but no, it was a pure and happy coincidence, and the two new members, Ulrike  Allen and Sue Whitehead, admitted to the Mothers’ Union at that service will have reason to remember the date of their MU anniversary.

    Whitegate members were very pleased to welcome the Diocesan President, Angela Klabou, and Diana Bancroft, Middlewich Deanery Leader who was the driving force behind the launch of our new group.  Members from other branches in the Deanery also came to support us.

    During the photo session at the end of the service, another curious coincidence came to light.  It seems that the Middlewich Deanery banner, which was also paraded at our service, was worked by Audrey Bishop, who lived at the time in the very house owned now by Carole and Graham Sweet!

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