• Harvest Supper - A Dickensian Evening
    Published: Wednesday 18 October 2017 08:41:AM
    Author: Carole Sweet

    We had a most enjoyable evening back in the Mews this year. The room was decorated with lanterns and Hydrangeas, the food was second to none with a delicious main course of hotpot and savoury dumplings followed by scrumptious meringues with compote or apple pie and cream or ice cream. Martine and Renata took charge of the kitchen, learning how to use all the appliances they then prepared and served the food through the hatch, which is a real asset.
    The guests arrived, many in costume and they looked splendid, the quiz and entertainment was fun and we learnt a few things along the way. Andrew Millinchip joined us for a short while in order to accompany the vicar with his excerpts from the musical Oliver.  The other items in the programme were very enjoyable and thought provoking.
    As usual the raffle went on too long and the noise in the Mews rose while the last drops of wine were drained from the glass and the thankyous were announced and there were lots of compliments for the Social and Fundraising team for which we are very grateful. After clearing the debris of the evening, everyone went home tired but happy with an evening spent in good fellowship. We raised £490. 60 for our funds so a big thank you to everyone.