• Hub-in-the-Pub 2016
    Published: Thursday 21 January 2016 12:28:PM
    Author: Kevin Pinder
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    This year’s ‘Hub in the Pub’ met as usual in The Plough on Monday 18th January with a full house of parishioners from the two parishes. Hosted jointly by Alan Newton and Canon Chris, we were entertained and amused by The Bishop of Stockport, Libby Lane, and her husband George, or should that be the other way round?
    She’s a popular speaker, if for no other reason than she’s the Church of England’s first female bishop. She and her husband ran the presentation in the form of a reciprocal interview. This gave them ‘equal’ status as speakers and allowed for some humorous exchanges.
    As a couple they are unique, insomuch as they enrolled on to the same theology course together, were selected for ordination at the same time and started their careers within the same curacy. She was one of the first ordained women priests and, of course, her fame was established when she was consecrated as the church’s first female bishop in January 2015. Since then eight other women have been appointed to a bishopric – at Gloucester, Crediton, Hull, Taunton, Aston, Newcastle and finally Sherborne where Karen Goreham takes up her post in February.
    George’s career has progressed through appointments at Beverly, Heald Green and Hale and into a prestigious role as Co-Ordinate Chaplain at Manchester Airport, where he heads a multi-faith team, whose congregation comprises of 22 million passengers and 20 thousand staff. (Not all at the same time)
    Our thanks go especially to David Hughes for his hospitality and refreshments. Libby and George nominated the Cheshire Agricultural Chaplaincy as their charity, which raised a healthy £450.