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    Published: Tuesday 20 March 2018 09:24:AM
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    Minnows is the name for our babies & toddler group. We chose this name because the fish is a symbol of the Christian faith, and the toddler group is the very first step many of our children take on their journey of faith, and the minnow is a tiny fish!
    A typical session might include a Bible story, a song and a craft activity, led by our Children’s Worker, or the Vicar with his guitar.
    There is also plenty of time for free play and important interaction with other children, and time for adults to chat over a cup of tea or coffee. At the moment we have several mums with young babies as well as a few toddlers attending, together with dads and grandparents, and even great grandparents! (the group is as important for the adults as it is for the children).
    We meet every Thursday during term time between 1pm and 3pm in The Mews, Whitegate (the building between the church and the school). We would love to see you.
    Contact: Pastoral Worker Pauline Hayward – 01606 591766
    or email
    Children’s Worker Teresa Finney
    01606 889311 / 07437 322163
    or email
    for more details