• Spring Lunch
    Published: Wednesday 27 April 2016 10:39:AM
    Author: Pat Powley
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    The Pastoral Spring Lunch was held in the Mews on 26th April. There was quite a cold wind blowing, so it was good to step into the welcoming warmth of the Mews and see the beautifully laid and decorated tables. There was also a most tantalising aroma coming from the kitchen which made me realise how hungry I was!

    Once everyone had arrived Canon Chris said the Grace in which we remembered friends who could not be with us.
    The food was served and what a treat it was, too. A delicious hot meal with wonderful dumplings, followed by a lemon or passion fruit and mango dessert. The conversation round the table was lively and amusing, with diverse subjects ranging from the Queen through football and on to Eddie Izzard!

    Good food and good company; an excellent combination. A huge 'thank you' to Linda Dutton and Chris Newton, with help from Alan, who organised everything and prepared the food. It was a very enjoyable way to spend a lunchtime.