Holy Baptism is the sacrament and rite through which people become Christians. It is undertaken by God's grace through water, in the name of the Holy Trinity. Water is poured over a person's head and in that moment they become a child of God, a member of his holy family and are given gifts that no evil can destroy.

We are able to offer baptism for those who live within this parish or those who might live further away but who regularly attend St Mary's. Under the current Covid regulations baptisms can take place but will be limited to a group of not more than 6 people. Due to the reduced seating capacity required by Covid regulations we are unable to accommodate baptisms within the usual morning service. We are also currently unable to offer our Family Service held on the first Sunday of each month.

Please note that the regulations are subject to change at short notice.

If you wish to have your child baptised or to be baptised yourself, please contact the Vicar on 01606 889995.