About Evensong

When many of the churches in our area, and around the country, have stopped offering evening services it is a pleasure to be able to confirm that at St Mary’s we have a service every Sunday evening at 6.30pm. Once each month an evening communion is available and also once each month a full Choral Evensong, the remaining Sundays we have Evensong. All use the service from the Book of Common Prayer ( BCP ) although for most a service book is available to make life easier. As someone who sometimes has the privilege to be the Minister at evensong it is always a joy and is very much a sharing of rather than leading worship for me. For those not familiar with this service I can recommend it as a quiet, prayerful way to end the day in preparation for all that awaits in the coming week.

John Stopford (Reader)

July 2020

Calendar for July

12 July     Trinity 5

9.30am    Holy Communion at St Mary's

11.00 am Holy Communion at St Peter's

19 July    Trinity 6

9.30am    Morning Prayer at St Mary's

11.00am  Holy Comunion at St Peter's

26 July     Trinity 7

9.30am    Holy Communion at St Mary's

11.00am   Morning Prayer at St Peter's