About Evensong

When many of the churches in our area, and around the country, have stopped offering evening services it is a pleasure to be able to confirm that at St Mary’s we have a service every Sunday evening at 6.30pm. Once each month an evening communion is available and also once each month a full Choral Evensong, the remaining Sundays we have Evensong. All use the service from the Book of Common Prayer ( BCP ) although for most a service book is available to make life easier. As someone who sometimes has the privilege to be the Minister at evensong it is always a joy and is very much a sharing of rather than leading worship for me. For those not familiar with this service I can recommend it as a quiet, prayerful way to end the day in preparation for all that awaits in the coming week.

John Stopford (Reader)

November 2018

Calendar for November

3rd   9.30am  Baptism Breakfast in the Mews
4th   All Souls
        9.30am   Sung Eucharist  
        6.30pm Choral Evensong for All Souls with reading of names
6th   7.30pm Prayer Meeting in the Mews
7th   9.30am  Mid Week Communion at St Mary’s  
8th   8.30am Morning Prayer at St Peter’s
9th   10.45am Remembrance Service with Bishop Keith at the Salt Mine
11th  Remembrance
         9.30am  Remembrance Service
         6.45pm The Battle’s Over event on The Green
13th  7.30pm PCC in the Mews
14th  8.30am Men’s Breakfast at the Red Lion, Little Budworth
         9.30am Mid Week Communion at St Peter’s
15th  8.30am Morning Prayer at St Mary’s
18th  2nd Sunday Before Advent
         9.30am Sung Eucharist
         6.30pm Evensong
19th  7.30pm Men’s Dinner at the Red Lion, Little Budworth
21st  9.30am Mid Week Communion at St Mary’s
24th  Possible date for Interviews for new Vicar
25th  Christ The King
         9.30am All Age Worship
         1.00pm Baptism
         6.30pm Holy Communion with prayers for healing  
28th  9.30am Mid Week Communion at St Peter’s